Buying Physical Platinum Bars

Welcome to! Our website aims to be a leading resource for physical platinum investors, especially for those focused on accumulating platinum bullion in the form of pressed bars.

Although we are a relatively new resource, we have added a wealth of information surrounding physical platinum bars as investments. Please read the sections and links below to start the learning process.

Where to Buy Platinum Bars?

Physical platinum is a bit unlike typical mainstream investments such as stocks or mutual funds. Instead of using a stock brokerage or online trading platform, physical platinum investors purchase the metal directly from precious metals retail stores.

This can be done either locally at retail bullion shops or online at one of the many online precious metals dealers. We typically advocate buying online for all of the reasons described in our Buying Platinum Bars section.

Sizes of Platinum Bars

Platinum bars are available in several sizes, typically ranging from 1 gram weights all the way up to 10 troy oz weights. Most bars are listed as .999+ or .9995 purity, meaning the bars are either 99.9%+ or 99.95% platinum. The difference between the two purities is virtually nonexistent, and doesn’t affect the value of the bars.

To learn more about the various sizes available, as well as see the differences in premiums over spot price for different sized bars, read our Sizes section.

Brands of Platinum Bars

Another area of our website discusses the different producers of platinum bars in the market. Platinum bars are not quite as popular as the gold and silver equivalents, so there are only a few primary producers of these bars, including PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey, and Engelhard.

Bullion investors will recognize those names as some of the most respected in the industry, so the platinum segment of the market is certainly not lacking in regards to brand power nor minting prestige.

We typically take the approach that platinum is platinum, so when buying, you should primarily focus on purity and weight, as that is all that really matters in the long run. By buying the cheapest bars available, you will accumulate as much platinum as possible with your bankroll instead of wasting money on fabrication premiums.

Assaying Platinum

Similar to gold bars, platinum bars are typically “assayed”, meaning that a certified inspector has checked and verified that the bar you are buying is the correct weight and purity of platinum. Some bars have loose assay certificates, while others are encased in CertiCards, which are tamper-proof cases with assay information printed on the back of the plastic encasement.

By buying “assayed” bars and keeping the original assay certificate, you make it easy on yourself if you ever want to sell your platinum in the future, as you can easily assure prospective buyers of the legitimacy of your metal.

That’s all for now, but make sure to check back often as we expand our website and add more information about buying platinum bars both online and locally. Best of luck!